Economic Impact:

Supply Chain

The soft drinks supply chain is a large

collection of businesses, stretching from

small to medium sized suppliers.


This Coalition supports and represents hundreds of these businesses likely to be impacted by the soft drinks tax.

We know that the Soft Drinks Tax has been proven to be ineffective, and we know that it will cause the loss of over 4,000 jobs on all levels of the supply chain.

We also know that there has been no impact assessment carried out by the Government on a local level, or, more worryingly, on a supply chain level.

The importance of this cannot be overlooked – back in 2012 Italy scrapped their plans for a Soft Drinks Tax because of the impact it would have on regional economies.

Reformulation and smaller product sizes are key in the Government’s fight to tackle obesity.

It is time for the Government to Face The Facts – and Can The Tax.