Economic Impact:

Pubs and Hospitality

The soft drinks industry accounts for

£1 in every £20 spent in hospitality.


Research from Oxford Economics shows that up to 1,800 jobs in the pub and restaurant sector alone are at risk from this tax.

Face The Facts, Can The Tax member The Association of Licensed Multiple Retailers, represents approximately 20,000 pubs, bars, nightclubs and restaurants on the high street.

They have highlighted how the introduction of a tax on sugary drinks will increase cost burdens for businesses and consumers – as well as not being the ‘silver bullet’ that will tackle this country’s obesity problems.

The Scottish Licensed Trade Association has also recently highlighted worrying information from its business insight survey of over 800 Scottish licenses premises – showing that operators are very pessimistic about future trade.

Government decisions on the soft drinks tax will be key to the sustainability of local pubs and hospitality businesses across the country.

Our local pubs and hospitality businesses, and the jobs of those working in them, must be protected from this ineffective tax. It’s time to Face The Facts and Can The Tax.