October 24, 2016

Times of Tunbridge Wells: Sugar tax is not so sweet for one Monson Road retailer who fears losing life savings.

Read the original article here, which was published in The Times of Tunbridge Wells on Wednesday 19th of October. 

The owner of a Tunbridge Wells newsagent’s has warned government plans for a sugar tax could ‘ruin’ his business.

Neil Bradford, who invested a substantial part of his life savings when he bought Monson News in April this year, said the 200 bottles of soft drinks he sells each week make up a ‘big part’ of his business.

He questioned if people would still purchase his products if the tax pushes the price of a bottle up by 58p, to around £1.60.

Former Chancellor George Osborne first announced the plans in his March budget as a way of raising revenue while tackling obesity.

The charge, which Prime Minister Theresa May has said she supports, is unlikely to come into effect until 2018, and is opposed by the National Federation of Retail Newsagents.